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Energy Indaba 2012 Details
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Energy Indaba Newsletter March 2011 – Outcomes Report
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Lignofuels Event - 1st to 2nd of December 2010
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Sustainable Energy Seminar - 6th October 2010
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Membership benefits

SABA provides an information and communication platform for companies and other role-players in the biofuels sector. As such, it facilitates the exchange of know-how as well as the establishment of trade-and co-operation relations amongst SABA members.

Via the "members only" section of the SABA website, SABA members are able to access contact details of other member companies or organizations, share professional experiences and gain easier access to studies or results from research and development.

As all enquiries from outside the association will be made available to all SABA members on an equal basis, SABA supports its members in becoming known and being easily contactable by a wide range of companies. Thereby SABA helps them to establish a broad network of business relations.

SABA is operating within a framework of a code of ethics. We want to be a reliable partner for the agricultural sector, the industry, academic institutions and the government. Our reputation is the reputation of our members, and SABA will ensure that all members are able to work in accordance with the latest state of the arts applicable to the biofuels sector.

Governmental rules and regulations as well as standards and certifications form an important part of the business environment within the biofuels sector. SABA will actively take part in developing the legal basis as well as the quality management necessary to implement a stable business environment for the production and the distribution of biofuels and to promote public awareness. As a SABA member, companies and individuals will be able to take part in this process, represented by SABA.

By joining SABA as a member, you will be able to profit from all these benefits and at the same time play an active role in the development of the Southern African biofuels sector, which will become a crucial factor in the future business environment.

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