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Energy Indaba Newsletter March 2011 – Outcomes Report
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Lignofuels Event - 1st to 2nd of December 2010
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Sustainable Energy Seminar - 6th October 2010
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A Study of the Impact of SACU Tariff and Trade Policy on Food Prices in the Sub-Region

September 6, 2010

This study aims to answer six main questions:

  1. What were the causes of the 2006-2008 Food/Fuel Crisis?
  2. What happened to prices before, during and after the crisis?
  3. What was the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) tariff and how much did it affect prices before during and after the crisis?
  4. How were SACU members affected by the crisis?
  5. Will the price increases of 2006-2008 recur?
  6. What should SACU members do to prepare for possible future crises?

Download the Full Study (4.82 MB)

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