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Terms For Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement

Thu Jul 23 23:20:00 MST 2009

The purpose of the current consultation paper is to provide continuation of the work done under Phase I in terms of qualifying principles and tariffs for additional renewable energy technologies as well as define the terms of the renewable energy power purchase agreement. It will constitute and Appendix 4 to the approved regulatory guidelines. All regulatory concepts and principles adopted in the regulatory guidelines remain unchanged and applicable to REFIT Phase II.
The current consultation paper is organised into two main sections as follows:

  1. Qualifying principles, technologies and tariffs for additional renewable energy technologies and tariffs for additional renewable energy technologies such as biomass, biogas, concentrated solar without storage, photovoltaic (PV), geothermal, wave and tidal.
  2. REFIT PPA(Non-dispatchable sources) derived from the MTPPP PPA providing the general terms of REFIT contract...

Download Refit Consulting July 2009 (PDF, 6MB)Download Refit Consulting July 2009 (PDF, 6MB)


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