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Energy Indaba 2012 Details
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Energy Indaba Newsletter March 2011 – Outcomes Report
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Lignofuels Event - 1st to 2nd of December 2010
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Sustainable Energy Seminar - 6th October 2010
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The Mission of SABA

Statement of Purpose of the Association

The Southern African Bioenergy Association (SABA), as a non-profit organization, aims to facilitate the establishment of a viable biofuels industry in Southern Africa.

SABA promotes the sustainable production and use of quality biofuels in Southern Africa. Biofuels are defined as renewable fuels (eg. bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas) generally produced from agricultural crops or organic matter.

As a partnership organization to the agricultural industry, science and technology as well as the liquid fuel sectors, SABA will provide information and expertise to role-players in the private, governmental and educational sectors who are interested in pursuing biofuel initiatives.

The focus of SABA will be promoting the public awareness of the advantages of biofuels, the implementation of standards for the industry and their products, as well as the development of a business environment conducive to the biofuels agri-industry.

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